Life Off Grid

Although demanding, living off grid is exhilarating and ever eventful.
We're lucky enough to live on a ten acre farm in western Oregon, so one of our main sources of energy is right outside the door. Sometimes it seems we are on a constant quest for wood, and though it can be stressful (watching the stack of firewood dwindle alarmingly in mid January) it gives us tons of exercise and brings us yet closer to nature. You have not lived until you've collected firewood in the snow. I promise, it warms a body.
Solar panels and a windmill give us light and the power to charge our computers and run small appliances. In addition we use a generator (big-mouth) to run power tools.
Our farm is located on a gentle slope with a spring at the top, thus enabling us a gravity flow water system. Our spring has been known to stop running in mid summer so we engage in water collection, and save for funds to drill a well, hopefully, in the near future.